WCM 2017 Conference

Modern Lean Manufacturing

Thurs. March 16 – Fri. March 17, 2017

About the WCM Conference, 2017

Our VP & Senior EU Consultant, Eric Hoffmann, presents (in English) at The Conference of “World Class Manufacturing”(WCM)“. The “World Class Manufacturing (WCM)” Conference is a Modern LEAN Manufacturing conference and an educational, professional, networking opportunity for anyone in the manufacturing industry. It brings together speakers from companies around Slovenia and the EU, who will present a wide range of examples of good practice in production, logistics, quality, maintenance, supply chain, organization and HR, etc.

The conference is divided into 2 parts: presentations & lectures, and on-site visits.

Attendees range from business, production and logistics managers, to technologists and others who want to optimize their company’s productivity. 

“Thanks to a customized installation with International TPM Institute, we had a 70% increase in productivity and our plant did not have to close down…”

– KME / Custom TPM Installation Client


“World class TPEM teams are granted space to work freely by management and make own decisions! This trust pays!”

– Dieter Scholz, Siemens AG

 “Great combination of specialist presentations with a lot of expertise, input and time for discussions and networking. Absolutely recommendable for TPM fans, and TPM skeptics!”

– Florian Walter, BMW

 “Overall, a coherent and personal event with a lot of practice and exchange – keep it up!”

– Dietmar Sievers, Benteler Steel/Tube

 “In terms of content one of the best events – very well coordinated!”

 – Jürgen Schoch, Wieland Werke AG

“Excellent specialist contributions with many experiences from various industrial sectors.”

– Stefan Willner, Siemens AG