Hard Won Prestige

The International TPM Institute has developed the criteria for 2 prestigious recognitions in TPM manufacturing – one is the “TPM Plant of the Year,” and the other is the “TPM Award.” Only a handful of plants ever receive either of these recognitions, and only a handful of TPM consulting firms even grant them. The awards have become a mark of distinction and a symbol of superiority in the increasingly competitive manufacturing landscape. Earning them means joining the ranks of companies like Mercedes, Bosch, Siemens and Ford Motor Company – to name a few.

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TPM Plant of the Year Award

The TPM Plant of the Year recognition is granted annually at the International TPM Conference, to the single best performing plant among all applicants. 2015 Marks the 20th anniversary of this Conference. Historically the candidates have been judged by Instandhaltung Magazine, and International TPM Institute after in depth application review process. Also, the competition has been primarily within Germany, but in recent years has expanded to include a second category for international winners.

More About The International TPM Conference

The TPM Plant of the Year winner is a central feature at the annual International TPM Conference, which takes place in the home-city of that year’s winning plant. TPM Institute consultants make presentations as does the “Plant of the Year” (the winning company), who also opens their plant to conference participants to see the winning TPM installation first hand. We hope you’ll join us.

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Want to become best TPM Plant of the Year?

1. Are You Ready For a Questionnaire? Typically the Institute receives 100 requests per year for the extensive questionnaire.

2. Will You Pass the Audit? After a rigorous questionnaire review process, The Institute performs an audit of the three top contending plants, and the winner is featured at the Annual TPM Conference.

3. Can We Be of Assistance? Do you need any assessments or support? Could pursuing the Plant of the Year competition give your TPM program the boost it needs?

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TPM Conferences and “TPM Plant of the Year” Winners

2018 Alfred Ritter (Ritter Sport) Waldenbuch Germany
2017 odelo Geislingen Germany
2017* odelo Prebold Slovenia
2013 Weidmüller
2013* BOSCH Diesel Jihlava Czech Republic
2012 Wieland Werke Villengen-Schwenningen Germany
2012* Odelo Prebold Slovenia
2011 BOSCH Homburg Germany
2010 ZF Lemförde Germany
2009 TRW/Core Gelsenkirchen Germany
2008 Metabo Nürtingen Germany
2007 Kautex Leer Germany
2006 Siemens VDO Regensburg Germany
2005 TRW/Servo Gelsenkirchen Germany
2004 Degussa-Röhm Plexiglas Darmstadt Germany
2003 KM EuropaMetal Menden-Iserlohn Germany
2002 Varta Gerätebatterie Dischingen-Heidenheim Germany
2001 Vaillant Rehmscheid Germany
2000 VB Autobatterie Hannover Germany
1999 GKN-Löbro Frankfurt/Offenbach Germany
1998 INA Nadellager Homburg Germany
1997 Mercedes Benz Motor Works Stuttgart Germany
1996 Concentration on Automotive
Nürtingen Germany



The TPM Award
“To be considered a successful installation, teams have to prove that they have accomplished all TPM results, and practice TPM continuously. The TPM-Certificate is a brass plaque provided by the Institute and is registered by the Institute. When all teams are certified, a world-class TPM installation has been accomplished and the plant has earned the TPM AWARD.” – Edward H. Hartmann

TPM Award Standard Requirements

The standard requirement for being considered for the TPM Award, is that all of a factory’s centers must pass our audits. When this happens, the entire company has reached a world-class standard. If you feel your company should be considered for the TPM Award, please contact us.

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TPM Award Winners Since 1997

2023 Hidria Auto Tolmin Slovenia
2023 ZKW Electronics Krušovce Slovakia
2022 Cablex Cable Mezica Slovenia
2020 Cablex Cable Trzic Slovenia
2019 Hella Auto Bánovce Slovakia
2018 Farba Auto Bursa Turkey
2017 Finow Auto Eberswalde Germany
2015 odelo  Auto Geislingen Germany
2014 Siemens Electronics Erlangen Germany
2014 Salzgitter Mannesmann Line Pipe Siegen Germany
2013 Benteler Steel Tube Paderborn Germany
2013 Saint Gobain Packaging Bad Wurzach Germany
2012 Benteler Steel Tube Lingen Germany
2012 ZF Friedrichshafen Auto Diepholz Germany
2012 Naturin Viscofan Food Weinheim Germany
2012 Weidmüller Electrical Eisenach Germany
2012 Odelo Auto Prebold Slovenia
2012* Membrana Pharma Wuppertal Germany
2011 Salzgitter Mannesmann Line Pipe Hamm Germany
2010 Magna Auto Ilz Austria
2010 Neapco Auto Düren Germany
2010 Alcan Aluminum Singen Germany
2009 Griesser Storenbau Aadorf Switzerland
2009* TRW Auto Gelsenkirchen Germany
2008 Quadrant Plastic Sinsheim Germany
2008 Membrana Pharma Wuppertal Germany
2008 Metabo Power Tools Nürtingen Germany
2007 Rupp Food, Nutrition Bregenz Austria
2006 TRW Auto Gelsenkirchen Germany
2006 Orica Ignitions Troisdorf Germany
2003 KME Copper Menden Germany
2003 Kautex Leer Auto Leer Germany
2001 Daimler Auto Stuttgart Germany
1998 kiekert AG Auto Heiligenhaus Germany
1997 INA-Saar-Nadellager Needle Bearings Homburg Germany

* = Recertification