International TPM Institute, Founder & Leadership Team

Our approach has often led to 70% productivity improvement, over 400% ROI and the loyalty of clients such as Mercedes, Conti Tire, Michelin, Kelloggs, Abbott Labs, and many others.

International TPM Institute, Inc. founded by Edward H. Hartmann in 1990, was the first of its kind to adapt, introduce and successfully install TPM in plants in North America, South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. In order to make the system accessible to Western manufacturers, he developed the TPEM® system, and wrote the best selling book, Successfully Installing TPM in a Non-Japanese Plant.  TPEM®is practiced by all TPM Institute consultants, and the approach has led to 70% productivity improvement, over 400% ROI and the loyalty of clients such as Mercedes, Conti Tire, Michelin, Kellogg’s, Abbott Labs, and an unparalleled track record for successful TPM installations. We continue to offer the highest quality training and consulting services available anywhere; and we feel strongly about producing results in your plant, with your people, addressing your equipment problems and opportunities. Our corporate offices are in the United States with regional offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina for South America, and Zürich, Switzerland for Europe. Please email, fax or call to discuss how we can help you.

Edward H. Hartmann

Founder, Renowned Consultant, Author

Swiss American founder of International TPM Institute, Inc., Edward H. Hartmann, P.E., has been called the “Father of TPM in the United States” and “TPM Pope” in Germany.  Author of the book, Successfully Installing TPM in a Non Japanese Plant, he developed a state of the art, trademarked approach to installing TPM in the Western world, called TPEM®.

Yvonne Hartmann

President and CEO

Yvonne Hartmann, daughter of Founder, Edward Hartmann, is President and CEO of International TPM Institute. She is fluent in English, German and French, and was formerly Marketing Manager at MCI World Com. In line with company succession planning, she has worked closely together with her father to ensure the continuation of excellence in TPM consulting and worldwide recognition that the Institute is known for.  

Eric Hoffmann

VP Europe, Senior Consultant

Eric Hoffmann has worked with International TPM Institute as a consultant for nearly two decades. Mr. Hoffmann, DipGl. Ing, completed his Machinery Engineering studies at the world renowned ETH-Zürich in the early 80s. Thanks to his wide ranging experience playing lead roles in various industry sectors, he is able to deliver world class in-house TPM consulting, and seminar training.


John Legarski

VP & Senior Consultant, USA

John Legarski, BSMET, MBA. His consulting services focus on maintenance management and TPM covering a range of industries including heavy equipment, metal fabrication, food, mechanical and electronic assembly, plastics, environmental consulting and others. He has over four decades experience in engineering and operations management in manufacturing and industrial engineering.  He holds a B.S. Mechanical Engineering Technology from the University of Pittsburgh and an MBA from Saint Francis University. Trained by the Japanese in the Toyota Production System, he has successfully taught and implemented LEAN concepts and techniques in manufacturing and non-manufacturing environments. Trained in Six Sigma Black Belt, he has also incorporated Total Productive Equipment Management (TPEM), Reliability Centered Maintenance (RcM), and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) concepts, techniques and processes, into streamlined manufacturing environments – achieving sustained, consistent results.

Herb Charles

Advisor and Former VP, Americas

Christoph Klaus

Senior Consultant and Partner

Since completing his chemical engineering studies as a graduate engineer and an MBA in Entrepreneurship / Switzerland, Mr. Christoph Klaus has acquired a diversified and impressive portfolio. He has worked internationally in various industries and responsibilities. As Plant Manager for Varta AG, CEO for LG-Philips GmbH, Gerresheimer Bünde GmbH and Balda US Inc., as well as in SVP Product Development for B. Braun Avitum GmbH, and as interim COO for Uetikon Chemie GmbH.  Mr. Klaus has specialized as a Life Science Leader on Leadership and Competence in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.

Dave Bilger

Senior Consultant, USA

Dave Bilger is one of the longtime principle consultants for the International TPM Institute. He has a background in electrical engineering and manufacturing management. Since 1990, he has been playing lead roles in implementing TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), Lean Manufacturing, TPS (Toyota Production System), GM QNPM, Continuous Improvement and Constraints Management. He has consulted on TPM projects for companies such as Continental Tire, Osram, Olin and Bosch. He has been a featured speaker at major conferences, and for corporations such as IBM, Kodak Chemical, Bosch, General Electric, Boeing Aircraft, Federal Mogul and the Plant Engineering Conference.

Stefano Demartin

Consultant, USA

Stefano Demartin is a versatile consultant with 15+ years career experience in maintenance, reliability and total productive maintenance (TPM). Delivered over $15M in savings through implementation of Maintenance & Reliability practices, OEE improvements, and MRO management. Successful at coaching all organization levels from C-Level to shop floor. Substantial experience in engineering, major change programs, and Lean Initiatives.

Markus Koch

Consultant, Europe

Markus Koch offers consulting services over the past 15+ years in TPM, Shop floor management, Maintenance optimization, Set-up time optimization / SMED, Productivity improvement, Value stream optimization, Process optimization, Team building and executive coaching, Plant optimization, and workplace design.