Public TPEM®, Maintenance Seminars & Conference

“If manufacturers could only attend one seminar with the best potential to reduce production costs and increase quality, this seminar is hands down the one to attend.” - Max Adamcyzk, Hewlett Packard

Hartmann Method seminars and in-house training courses have been attended by a total of over 12,000 managers, supervisors, engineers, maintenance and operations professionals since 1990. Our multilingual consultants have been giving TPM and PM/PDM (preventive/predictive maintenance) seminars since 1988, they have lectured on Maintenance Management and TPM for more than 30 years in over 35 countries world-wide, and they have been specializing in maintenance and productivity improvement since 1969. Sign up with the links or contact us for more information.

TPM Seminars


Learn about our proven and innovative strategic maintenance program, Total Productive Equipment Management (TPEM®), which can help you significantly increase production while increasing employee morale and job satisfaction.

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TPM Award & TPM Factory of the Year Competition


Please see details for our highly coveted awards

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Seminars in Germany and Switzerland will be held in German, with course materials also in German. Course materials generally consist of an extensive training manual, and a hard copy of Mr. Hartmann’s book, “Successfully Installing TPM in a Non Japanese Plant” or its German equivalent, “Effiziente Instandhaltung und Maschinenmanagement.”