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International TPM Institute, Inc. is a maintenance management consulting firm dedicated to the installation of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Maintenance Productivity Improvement in manufacturing. It was founded by Edward H. Hartmann in 1990, who developed the TPEM® system (The Hartmann Method), and wrote the best selling book, Successfully Installing TPM in a Non-Japanese Plant. Among its many valuable services, seminars, and training sessions, the Institute offers TPEM® consulting services in the field of maintenance of manufacturing equipment. Please contact us to arrange a consultation or other training.

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Congratulations to the December 2023 TPM Award Winners Hidria and ZKW!

Consulting Services: TPM & Maintenance Productivity Improvement

Consulting Services

TPM & Maintenance Productivity Improvement

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Our Seminars

Intensive TPM Training

 Our Awards

Our Awards

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TPM Press

TPM Press

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World class TPEM teams are granted space to work freely by management and make own decisions! This trust pays!”

– Dieter Scholz, Siemens AG

 “Great combination of specialist presentations with a lot of expertise, input and time for discussions and networking. Absolutely recommendable for TPM fans, and TPM skeptics!”

– Florian Walter, BMW

 “Overall, a coherent and personal event with a lot of practice and exchange – keep it up!”

– Dietmar Sievers, Benteler Steel/Tube

As an introductory event for me as a KVP/TPM coach – super! Very clear and well organized.

-Benedikt Roll, Benteler Steel/Tube

 “In terms of content one of the best events – very well coordinated!”

 – Jürgen Schoch, Wieland Werke AG

“Excellent specialist contributions with many experiences from various industrial sectors.”

– Stefan Willner, Siemens AG

“Thanks to a customized installation with International TPM Institute, we had a 70% increase in productivity and our plant did not have to close down…”

– KME Germany / Custom TPM installation client

We thoroughly recommend this book to all production managers who want to be smart about TPM.”

-Rolf Dobelli, Author and founder of, a publisher of summaries of the world’s best business books

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