Our Services

TPM Consulting & Maintenance Based Consulting are the major services offered by TPM Institute. Maintenance Based Consulting focuses on maintenance & productivity improvement. TPM Consulting includes an array of services from management training, in-house and open seminars, to audits, custom installations, certification of departments, and the granting of TPM AWARD certification to qualifying candidates.

TPM Services

We provide a range of TPM Services including public seminars and conferences, in-house seminars, customized training courses, audits, etc. 

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TPM Seminars (Public and in-house, one and two days)

TPM Management Training Course (in-house, 3-4 hours)

TPM Feasibility Study Training (one day)

TPM Feasibility Study Support (consulting supervision)

Development of TPM Vision/Strategy/Policies & Goals

Customized TPM Training for Supervisors & Operators

TPM “Train the Trainer” Programs (Customized)

TPM Installation Program Development (With Your Team)

TPM Installation Support (Consulting Supervision)

TPM Computer Systems Design of CMMS Adaptation

TPM Program Audit

Plant Audits (Equipment & Maintenance) Prior to TPM

Contract Negotiation Support for Unionized Organizations

Maintenance Services

TPM Institute offers a wide range of maintenance services from audits to seminars to installation support. 

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Maintenance Management Seminars (Public and in-house)

Maintenance Audits (Capabilities, Functions, Productivity)

PM/PDM Seminars (Public and in-house, two days)

PM/PDM Program Development and Installation

Maintenance Management Systems Development

Full Planned Maintenance

PM, PDM & TPM Program Development

Installation Support

Training Services

The majority of our training is done in-house, and most of our clients receive several types of training including: Feasibility Study Training, Team Leader, SMED and 5S-Training.

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TPM Feasibility Study Training

TPM-Teamleader Training

PM/PdM Training

SMED Training

5S Training

“Thanks to a customized installation with International TPM Institute, we had a 70% increase in productivity and our plant did not have to close down…” -KME Germany, GmbH