Training Manuals for Seminars & TPM Courses

Our courses represent the development, experience and knowledge of TPM Institute, Inc., and a successful TPM installation would be unattainable without the availability of these courses and materials.

TPM Press has printed and delivered at least 10 different types of training manuals and over 1,800,000 pages of training materials. These manuals are distributed to our training and installation clients and our seminar participants, and currently are not otherwise available for sale. All course materials are essential for the training, and are developed, owned and provided by the International TPM Institute, Inc. All of the course materials are available in English, and most of the course materials are available in multiple languages including German, Spanish and French. Also, some of the following courses are normally held as public seminars, while others are generally part of in house or customized training for our clients:

TPM Seminar Manuals 
TPM Management Presentation
TPM Feasibility Study Training 
TPM-5S Training
TPM Instructor Training Course
PM/PdM Seminar
PdM Resource Guide
Maintenance Management Seminar 
Planner/Scheduler Training

Please contact us directly to find out more about the details of our courses, designing a course for your company, and the languages we work with.