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Yvonne Hartmann

President and CEO

Yvonne Hartmann, daughter of Founder, Edward Hartmann, is President and CEO of International TPM Institute. She is fluent in English, German and French, and was formerly Marketing Manager at MCI World Com. In line with company succession planning, she has worked closely together with her father to ensure the continuation of excellence in TPM consulting and worldwide recognition that the Institute is known for.  

Eric Hoffmann

VP and Senior Consultant

Eric Hoffmann has worked with International TPM Institute as a consultant for nearly two decades. Mr. Hoffmann, DipGl. Ing, completed his Machinery Engineering studies at the world renowned ETH-Zürich in the early 80s. Thanks to his wide ranging experience playing lead roles in various industry sectors, he is able to deliver world class in-house TPM consulting, and seminar training.