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Thomas Bolsinger

Senior Consultant

Since completing his mechanical engineering studies, Thomas Bolsinger has acquired in-depth knowledge of all operational processes in manufacturing companies in mechanical engineering, chemical industry and consumer goods production.

Under the supervision of Mr. Edward H. Hartmann, he led VARTA Gerätebatterie GmbH in 2001 and 2002 as TPM coordinator to the TPM Award and to winning the TPM Factory of the Year competition.

Through years of experience in operational management tasks in medium-sized companies and corporations, he brings both technical and business know-how with him. His goal-oriented and structured approach and hands-on leadership characterize his working style. With enthusiasm he drives companies forward focusing on people and involving them in the realization of changes.

Frieder Mathis

Senior Consultant

Frieder Mathis completed an apprenticeship as a machinist and studied plastics technology at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt. He then worked in several companies in the field of plastics technology, in the automotive supply and construction industries. In addition, he completed his part-time training as a REFA Industrial Engineering engineer. Due to his many years of wide-ranging experience, he is an absolute expert in total productive maintenance as well as in the improvement process in production and production-related areas.